This series was made in the context of a PhD that investigates how photography might be used to interrogate the visual consequences of conservation legislation enacted within the Mendip Hills. The objective in this case study was to make a series of photographs of locations recorded in a caving archive. These places are sites that were created or modified through mining activity, and, when viewed through this historical lens, operate as signs of a previous relationship with the land. The pictorial strategy uses the ‘scenic view’ to reference the inclusion of these post-industrial sites within the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The geo-locative method employed is subsequently developed further in the series made at Banwell, Black Down and Dolebury.
Fern Mine  ST 4292 5919  Length: 6m  Depth: 4m  January 2013
Sandford Quarry Mine  ST 42523 59143  Length: 17m  Depth 17m  January 2013
Sandford Quarry Cave  ST 422 591  Length: 21m  Depth: 8m  January 2013
Spar Shaft  ST 4235 5910  Length: 17m  Depth: 14m  January 2013
SSSS-22-F  ST 42731 59164  Length: 7m  Depth: 7m  January 2015
Scum Hole  ST 42885 59162  Length: 20m  Depth: 20m  January 2015
SMCC-7  ST 4287 5935  Length: 7m  Depth: 2m January 2015
Sandford Levvy  ST 4291 5936  Length: 588m  Depth: 43m  January 2015
SMCC-12  ST 4277 5932  Length: 2m  Depth: 2m  January 2015
SSSS-22-N  ST 42618 5900  Length: 7m  Depth: 7m  March 2015
Classic Shaft  ST 4281 5903  Length: 5m  Depth: 5m  March 2015
High Mine  ST 4253 5904  Length: 20m  Depth: 15m  March 2015
Sandford Rake  ST 42902 59035  Length: 0m  Depth: 0m  March 2015
Summit Plantation Mine  ST 4277 5903  Length: 5m  Depth: 5m  March 2015
Triple Hole  ST 4268 5906  Length: 152m  Depth: 37m  April 2014
Udders Hole  ST 43202 59067  Length: 0m  Depth: 0m  May 2014
Sandford Hill Mine No.3  ST 43137 59062  Length: 20m  Depth: 15m  May 2014
SSSS-22-O  ST 42649 58994  Length: 7m  Depth: 7m  August 2015
Coffee Pot  ST 42757 59148  Length: 0m  Depth: 0m  August 2015
Girl’s Hole  ST 43303 58999  Length: 0m  Depth: 0m  October 2015
Sandford East Ochre Mine  ST 4331 5895  Length: 18m  Depth: 18m  November 2015
MCRA-SH-14  ST 43249 59240  Length: 1m  Depth: 1m  November 2015
Pearl Mine  ST 4283 5917  Length: 215m  Depth: 31m  November 2015
MCRA-SH-3  ST 4286 5934  Length: 3m  Depth: 3m  November 2015
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